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What is posted?
Here at Street Styles you can post pictures of people exhibiting interesting fashion sense.

+ You can post by city and/or year
+ You can post by style (for example, "Geek chic", "80's", etc)
+ You can post pictures of models showing off their personal style
+ You can post tips for emulating the styles of models and other people
+ You can post articles, discussions, and polls if they are relevant to street style

You may post the same city or model as often as you like, but please try not to repeat pictures. Feel free to browse the tags for further assistance. All posts must include photographs.

+ Do not post random photos of you and your friends (this isn't MySpace)
+ DO NOT MAKE SALES POSTS. This community is neither ebay nor your personal store. Users who make sales post run the risk of being permanently banned from this community.
+ Do not post promotions without permission
+ Do not use fake LJ-cuts
+ Do not post runway photos, ads, editorials, or pornography
+ Do not insult other LJ users or start fights

Your post(s) or comment(s) might be deleted if you do any of the things listed above.  

Who can post?
Anyone is welcome to post! Please follow the posting format. Comment on entries to let us know what you like, and remember to keep all posts friends only

Did you see that scarf Nicole Richie was wearing?! WHERE CAN I GET IT?
This is not a gossip column or a paparazzi community. Please refrain from posting pictures of people such as Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie, Jessica Simpson, etc. The rare exception to this rule is when notable celebrities are included in a "Man on the Street" type post (such as a festival concert street style spotlight). Otherwise, if you're intrigued by a pop star's fashion sense, please Google that person.

If you're looking for a specific pair of jeans or glasses you saw in a random street style photo, provide pictures, and we'll try to help you find what they're wearing. You must stick to the normal formatting with a teaser and LJ-cut.

You may request a "Steal the Style" on a specific outfit here

Is there anything else that I need to keep in mind?

Just don't be mean and everyone will get along fine. If you don't like a thread, don't insult the person who posted it. The mods reserve the right to remove people who cause major problems. ♥

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